Thursday, May 14, 2015


This is it: I'm leaving for the Gulf Coast in 3 days! Wow, I seriously can't believe it came this fast. Graduation was last Saturday and now I'm about to start my first internship.

OH! And I meant to post something about this last week, but let's be real, I was a tad busy...

Graduation + Exams + Packing + Moving out of my apartment + Re-packing for the internship + A baby bit of Netflix = ultimate chaos and no spare time whatsoever.
Ugh, I just got tired from writing that.

I got accepted into the Graduate Program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW)!!! God is so good! That was the only school I was accepted to, but who cares, I was accepted! I found this out 3 days before graduation. It was a wonderful graduation present. So add "Looking for apartments in North Carolina" and "Enrolling in grad school" to the little equation up there. Yeah, my life right now...

I won't complain. The apartment hunting is actually pretty fun for me. I'm seeing myself in a new chapter and it's fantastic. I can't wait! AND you millions of readers out there will hear of more coastal adventures! (Yeah, I know there are millions of you.) Most of my work will be genetics-based, but I'll be a quick little drive away from the Atlantic Ocean! Ah!
Spending a life living at least 7 hours away from the ocean is a struggle when you have a coastal dream. But still, I've gotten used to living land-locked all my life here in Tennessee. It'll be weird. But a good weird. An awesome weird.

Updates later!!

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