Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Better Late than Never

I totally haven't put any pictures up because, first off, I've been buried in flashcards and notes every day and second, I just this afternoon stole some pictures from others in my class...muahahaha. Here are some lab pictures from when we were classifying the dead specimens!

My little group on the back row! I forgot what we were classifying, don't ask me please...

We're all so happy! Or maybe we were just delirious from all the fumes coming from the dead sharks in the room. Who knows.

Cool artsy aerial shot of the shark bio class. I think that was when we were making our own leaders for our fishing trip. 

Those leaders were hard to make. It was pretty much twisting wire around in loops with sharp hooks and other dangerous stuff. I may have poked myself a couple of times.

Lab picture. It's so dazzling, I know. You're so jealous right now. 

I also have some pictures from the boat trip from last Friday. I know you want to see them. So here they are, just for you!

This was when we were putting out the long line. The long line is pretty much a long line with a bunch of fish hooks and bait on it. We set it in the water for an hour and then pull it up to see what got hooked. (We only got a bunch of catfish.)

This was me like the whole time. Sitting. Staring at the horizon. Holding my water bottle. Trying to think of land. And solid ground. And dolphins. And rainbows. And butterflies. I may not look sick, but I was feeling it. I'm not sure who took this...but that's just a summary of what my day was like on the boat.

This is a rare sight, ladies and gentlemen. Me standing up on the boat. Smiling. Not leaning over the side about to puke. My face has color. It's a miracle.

This is a big chunk of the class on the front of the boat. About to set off on an adventure.

This was the one elasmobranch we caught. An Atlantic stingray (Dasyatis sabina) that was caught in one of our trawls. 

This is an action shot of the trawl. So many birds. They were smart to hang around and wait for the trawl to come up. We get fish in them every time.

Another shot of the Atlantic stingray.

Dolphin! That was the highlight of the trip. Every time we saw them I would feel so much better and my spirits would pick up.

I really hope that the next boat trip will be more of a success. I hope we get some sharks! And I also hope I'll be able to keep my head up for more than 5 minutes! I guess I'll have to try Dramamine and hope to God that it won't make me sick.

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