Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Today was pretty darn cool! There was a lot to do in Shark Biology.

Our lab today consisted of observing some examples of shark skeletal systems, including the ferocious shark jaws. So we had like at least ten jaws of different species to look at. Also, a whole vertebral column of a great hammerhead and the skeletal system of a cownosed ray, I believe. Very, very awesome. I mean jawesome. 

Cookie cutter shark jaws! I knew those teeth right away. They're so distinct looking. The lower jaw is jutted out like crazy. 

Aren't these teeth beautiful?? Like works of art. Just gorgeous. This is the mouth of a nurse shark. You can see that each tooth has multiple points on it, called cusplets. Absolutely insane how pretty those teeth are. I wish my teeth were that amazing to look at!

What about this one, folks? I liked this one a lot. Tiger shark jaws. (I love tiger sharks...) They fit perfectly around my head. I probably could've worn it as a necklace, too. That might have had some consequences if I had chosen that route, however. 

This was my attempt at artistically capturing the glorious bull shark jaws. They were pretty wild, too. You can see how many rows of teeth they have at a time. It's insane. So many teeth. What a creature. 

Sebastian update! I told you we would get to know him well. Well, we have officially begun the dissection process on our baby. It's just like we met yesterday!...Oh, wait, we did. 

Say hello to Sebastian! He sends his love to you all reading from home!

And here's me loving on him! I mean, cutting off his sharky skin! (It's a unique kind of relationship we have, me and him.) We did this in order to observe the musculature underneath. We learned about the muscular and skeletal systems today, so we had to see it in real life. Sebastian was a trooper. But he smelled a little. 

Another day in the life, I suppose.

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