Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cleaning Shark Jaws

Today consisted of a couple seminars in the morning and some interesting lab work in the afternoon.

We got the privilege of cleaning our very own shark jaws. Yes, our very own to take home with us and keep forever and ever! These jaws were already kinda-sorta cleaned up, but there was still some skin and meat on the skeleton that we had to work at. It smelled, as you can imagine. Actually, I don't think you can fully imagine that smell without personally experiencing it and getting it all on your clothes. Really. Really. Smelly. Ew. 

This was actually the result of working on my finetooth shark jaw for around 3-ish hours. Yeah, it took a while. I got in the zone, put my knife to work, and then I look up to check the time and it's 3 and a half hours later. Dang. Time flew by. 

We actually got to clean our jaws while watching Jaws. It was good background noise. At multiple points in the process, I was "bitten" by my jaw. Usually while cutting part of the jaw my hand would slip and get sliced by a tooth. It hurt so so so bad. I never want to get bitten by a live shark after knowing what it feels like to get sliced by one of those teeth. I can't imagine hundreds of them...

I can now say I've been bitten by a shark though. Technically. So I'll count that as a win for today. I have been bitten by a shark, and lived! 3 times, to be exact. Yeah, it was my first time doing this so I wasn't very graceful at it. Whatever. 

One of the times I got sliced was at the same time Jaws was taking one of his victims. All I could say was, "I feel your pain, honey!"

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