Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Claire's Advice

Guys! I have discovered the coolest thing!

Ok, so earlier last week the class cleaned up some shark jaws to take home. When I got done with mine, they looked pretty frickin awesome. But they smelled like death. Literally, it's the worst smell in existence. Ever. Like the worst smell I have smelled since taking this class. And I have smelled some horrible smells. So I put the jaws in the room and let them sit for a while over the weekend. I hoped that magically the smell of rankness would disappear.

Monday came around and the jaws still smelled like the plague. So I did what any scientist would do and hypothesize a way to fix the problem. My solution, you ask? Dryer sheets. Dude. Guys. Listen to me. My shark jaws smell like flowers. No joke, I'm completely serious. Literally, they smell like Downy's Lavender Serenity dryer sheets. LAVENDER SERENITY. It's so amazing and hilarious, I'm still in awe. Who else has shark jaws that could slice you apart and send your nostrils to heaven at the same time?? Only mine! That's who!

So, tip of the day. Claire's advice. Wrap dried shark jaws with scented dryer sheets of your choice and let them sit a few days. You WILL notice a difference. You're welcome, world.

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