Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cane Bayou Pictures

I promised pictures of the bayou (and the alligator), so here are some!

This was our view kayaking yesterday. It blew my mind! I always thought the bayou was gross and dark and scary. But it's absolutely gorgeous.

We may have caught an alligator with dipnets...don't tell the lady we rented our kayaks from! She knew we were herpetology students so she probably knew better. 

 Uhm, yeah. That may look like a little guy but he was a thrasher. He was hissing the whole time we were handling him. He actually had part of his tail bitten off. It's a rough life being an alligator in the Louisiana bayou. I called him Nubs. (That one's for you, CJ.)

Another view of the bayou. How beautiful is that? It just couldn't have been prettier. Really. I enjoyed it so much. Except for the 3 and a half hours of rowing. That was less enjoyable. But, man, was it worth the view.

Part of the kayaking route was over a bridge. It was pretty cool.

The area apparently has been known for manatee sightings as well. The last one spotted was a couple of weeks ago. We didn't see one, though. Sadness.

Another awesome view of the bayou.

There's another close-up view of the gator we now call Nubs. He was a sweetie. Look at that adorable face. Irresistible.

Who knew that even the scary bayou we hear all kinds of sketchy stories from is yet another corner of the world that God's beauty stretches out into. Overall a good day of worship.

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