Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shark Lab 5/29

We got more elasmobranchs classified today! 11, to be exact. Some were more photogenic than others. That brings the grand total up to 30 specimens. We're halfway there!

Blacktip shark

Lemon shark

Arrowhead dogfish

Bonnethead shark

Olsen's winged skate

Great hammerhead shark (this poor guy was all jacked up)

Rounded skate

Shortfin mako

Lesser butterfly ray

Leafnose spineless skate

Bluntnose stingray

There you have it, folks. Another day in the life of a shark biology student. 

Tomorrow more than likely will be an all day boat trip. We may meet up in the morning just to call it off because of the weather. Who knows. If we go, we'll be fishing for elasmobranchs and maybe using a trawl as well. Here at the Gulf Coast Research Lab, we do science rain or shine!

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