Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First Shark Lab

The first shark lab is done. I can now say I've handled preserved specimens with my bare hands, which isn't as gross as you'd think...it just smells really rank. Like really, really jacked.

We have to keep a species catalog of every specimen. We classify them, learn their common name, and jot down defining characteristics of that species. We did a few today. We have to do about 60 in all. It's only just begun, ladies and gentlemen.

Wanna see what I classified today?? Okay, here you go!

This was the spotted eagle ray. So heavy. So, so heavy, y'all. Maybe he was extremely heavy because I didn't expect him to be. Or maybe I'm just not strong enough to lift spotted eagle rays. Whatever.

This was our night shark. It wasn't too bad. Weight-wise, I mean. I was able to lift this one no problem. Notice the large eyes for night hunting...

This was our gulf smoothhound. He wasn't very photogenic. He wouldn't stay on his side long enough to take the picture. So it looks a little wacky compared to the night shark. Hopefully there aren't any points deducted. 

Oh, quick story from lab. This girl decided to put her fingers into one of the sharks' mouths. She apparently had good reasoning. Hmm, what do you think happened to her? Her hand was bleeding for a little bit. So, kids, the moral of the story is: shark teeth are just as dangerous when the shark is alive as they are when it's dead. Don't stick your hand in a shark's mouth ever, even if it's dead. They don't magically turn into blunt objects.

Hopefully I'll be posting the rest of the specimens we catalog. Stay tuned.

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  1. BAHAHAHAHA the girl who cut herself on the shark teeth and I could TOTES be friends. Because my favorite hobby is touching things that are really hot just to see if they are, in fact, really hot.