Monday, May 12, 2014

Ward Bayou Night 1

Wow. What a night. I can officially say I have set traps in the Mississippi bayou! That was an experience...I had my waders on and I was ready to go. Not everyone had waders on so the ones wearing them did the dirty work. I loved it, though. It was so much fun. I hope we caught some critters. We'll check the traps tomorrow morning bright and early.

The Ward bayou was flooded so we just stopped where the road was flooded over. It was quite muddy, I have to say. It was so much fun. I liked getting dirty!

This was a green tree frog we caught out in the middle of the road! It was so pretty.

I caught a crawfish in my dip net! It's waving hello to all of you on the Internet! Actually it was trying to pinch me with its tiny claws but with no luck.

I hope we find something interesting tomorrow morning once we retrieve all our traps! Wish us luck!

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