Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gopher Tortoises Are Apparently Important

We just had a group discussion on a scientific paper all about gopher tortoises. Yes, gopher tortoises. And apparently there's a lot to say about them. At the beginning of the week I didn't even know gopher tortoises existed and now I'm immersed in a scientific discussion about them for almost an hour. How did that happen?

Who knew that one could discuss something so odd for such a long time. I'm still kind of surprised that it just happened. I mean, these guys are important in their habitat...but it's like talking about the influence of PB&J's on today's society or something. It's important, but do we really have to spend so much time talking about PB&J's? They're kind of insignificant compared to, I don't know, global warming. Or world peace. Or terrorism. 

I'm probably biased. I mean, I wouldn't mind having an hour long discussion on how great white sharks positively affect their ecosystem or why orca whales play with their food before consuming it. That sounds like a perfectly amusing use of my time. But gopher tortoises is a stretch for this marine enthusiast. Terrestrials don't really get me going. 

Oh, well.

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