Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Week 2

This morning consisted of the last lecture! (Hallelujah!) And we also discussed a total of 3 scientific papers. I almost shot myself. It was so boring. But I got out of it without damaging myself or anyone around me, so that's a win for today.

We went on a little trip to the edge of the Mississippi-Louisiana border this evening to set some more traps near the Stennis Space Center. Apparently this place is known for having gators...I'm crossing my fingers that we will find one tomorrow morning in one of the traps!

We also went dip netting a little afterwards. Dip netting is pretty much how it sounds. It's dipping a big net into the swampy habitat and seeing what you can get. We actually got some frogs and a ribbon snake. Not too bad. One of the frogs we caught was a bull frog; it was the biggest frog we have caught to date. Exciting stuff. I obviously had to get a picture with the big guy.

This place is a frog's paradise.

We'll be camping tomorrow night through Wednesday afternoon, so pray for me. Again. Hopefully I won't kick someone's head off. I'm not making any promises, just like last time. I'm still a loose cannon. Who knows what will go down. I think at one point we will be taking a 4 hour kayaking trip into alligator infested, yeah. I hope I can make it back alive and in one piece!

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