Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ward Bayou Pictures!

Our copperhead we found surprisingly!

That's me fashionably holding an adult box turtle we found in the middle of the road on our way out of the bayou.

Our ring-necked snake we found on our hike.

The copperhead had some crazy yellow eyes. You could see the fangs tucked in a little bit, too. Its skin was really rough.

This was one of the salamanders we caught. I think this was the 2-lined salamander.

I touched a copperhead, y'all. It's pretty exciting.

My new best friend the ring-necked snake. That was me holding it. 

That was the 3-lined salamander. It has 3 black lines instead of 2, which distinguishes it from the 2-lined salamander...

That's me and my best snake friend!

The bayou was so pretty. And muddy. And humid. And soggy. But really pretty.

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